Amazing Paper Sculptures by Asya Kozina



New challenger approaches!


Pixel Art Papercraft Vincent van Gogh

Created by Jaebum Joo || Blog

AG: The ones that don’t learn to 8e ruthless? They’re 8etter off DEAD.

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A very late birthday card for Eva.

You wanna see the best part?


I think I have reached a new level in paper crafts and I don’t know how to feel about it.

The gif’s quality is horrible, I know. But it’s the idea that matters!


These beautifully intricate and dynamic paper relief story illustrations are the work of Columbus, Ohio-based paper artist Cheong-ah Hwang. Head over to Hwang’s website to check out more of her amazing papercraft creations.

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Tsukishima Kei from Haikyuu!!


I literally made these yesterday and now it’s craft week so I guess I’ll have to post, even though I wanted to keep them a secret until they arrive in Florida. If anyone wants the pattern ring me up because I cut the hair lines manually out of a bigger piece. Also textured with copics and blushed with colored pencil in the top photo (so they don’t look dead). UNfortunately I didn’t notice Eames was out of focus in that first photo before I packed them WHOOPS.

Now everyone keep these a secret from microsaur until they arrive, probs by Friday.

Also, kudos to ventifact for helping me with the patterns because I am shite at actually designing them. Base patterns stolen from here: [x]

Also also, printing these on watercolor paper was fun and gave them a nice texture but so painful to assemble the curves unu


Shoulders, biceps and elbows done. 


I made a little Johnny! I’m quite pleased with the end result; it’s so adorable

Found the design here (other JoJos in the link as well)